Eradicating the Root of Negativity

While there may have been many negative seeds (words) planted (spoken) into your life (by others) that have seemingly grown into big mighty oak trees; suffocating the positive seeds; thwarting your good works; attacking and fortifying strongholds in your mind; controlling your actions and overall, acting as barriers to you moving forward in your purpose.
I stopped by to tell you that God put it in the minds of men to design a vehicle and equip it with the power to uproot a mighty oak tree. If God can do that for an oak tree, then surely His word can provide the supernatural power you need to uproot and overcome every negative word that’s been spoken into your life.
Don’t allow someone’s unfavorable words keep you from your unique purpose.  Let the negative seeds fall into the abyss while you rise up and fulfill your purpose. 
If negative words have taken root in you; I want to share how you can eradicate it from your life. You see, you just can’t say a few things, jump up and turn around and run around the block for your change. You have to put in work for your transformation to be realized. Here are four steps to breaking the power of negative words spoken over you: 
1. Don’t receive them as your truth. Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true! 
2. Break any agreement you made with those words.  Now is the time to disagree with those words – to say they are lies and not true for you.
3. Stand guard and be alert so that once something negative to spoken to you or over you; you can address it immediately so it will not go any further into your heart.
4. You can be your biggest critic so, be careful what you say to yourself. Remember that words have no sense of humor – they simply go do what they were created to do. 
5. Don’t give all your power and attention to negativity. Ignoring it sets you up for more peace. 
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Love and Light,