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Eradicating the Root of Negativity

While there may have been many negative seeds (words) planted (spoken) into your life (by others) that have seemingly grown into big mighty oak trees; suffocating the positive seeds; thwarting your good works; attacking and fortifying strongholds in your mind; controlling your actions and overall, acting as barriers to you moving forward in your purpose.
I stopped by to tell you that God put it in the minds of men to design a vehicle and equip it with the power to uproot a mighty oak tree. If God can do that for an oak tree, then surely His word can provide the supernatural power you need to uproot and overcome every negative word that’s been spoken into your life.
Don’t allow someone’s unfavorable words keep you from your unique purpose.  Let the negative seeds fall into the abyss while you rise up and fulfill your purpose. 
If negative words have taken root in you; I want to share how you can eradicate it from your life. You see, you just can’t say a few things, jump up and turn around and run around the block for your change. You have to put in work for your transformation to be realized. Here are four steps to breaking the power of negative words spoken over you: 
1. Don’t receive them as your truth. Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true! 
2. Break any agreement you made with those words.  Now is the time to disagree with those words – to say they are lies and not true for you.
3. Stand guard and be alert so that once something negative to spoken to you or over you; you can address it immediately so it will not go any further into your heart.
4. You can be your biggest critic so, be careful what you say to yourself. Remember that words have no sense of humor – they simply go do what they were created to do. 
5. Don’t give all your power and attention to negativity. Ignoring it sets you up for more peace. 
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Don’t solely rely on other people

It is not a good idea to solely make your determinations, judgments, decisions and resolves based on opinions. I encourage you to get clarity: learn for yourself, read for yourself and get an understanding so you can be clear to make educated choices about people, places and things. If it is at all possible for you, base your decisions on knowledge that you have attained through your own search for understanding. People’s opinions are their viewpoints, not taking your thoughts and beliefs into account, and they have a right to it.

Viewpoints are shaped by experiences, upbringing, perceptions and a person’s own truth that they use to guide their own lives, which may not resonate or connect with the way you live and what you believe. So, don’t solely rely on other people for your news and information, especially when you can find out for yourself.

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The Tests of Friendship

I would like to share a story about friendship. I typically avoid taking friends to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. It was too big, too much traffic and I’d get lost every time so I would automatically say “NO!” But, I received a message from a dear friend and I did not hesitate to say “YES!”. Why?

Because I had known her less than 5 months when I had to move out of my apartment suddenly by order of the fire marshal (roof caved in) 16 years ago. I only needed a place to stay for a few days so I told her about my situation. She said, ‘Come on, stay as long as you need to’! She was going to be out of town that whole week but this woman did not question me about ‘why’, how long’ or ‘anything’. While she was out of town, she allowed me to stay at her home, gave me the alarm codes, called the front gate to tell them I’d be there and just basically took me in. This amazed me!

You see, I had asked another person whom I had known for ‘years’ (I just ‘knew’ they’d help me) and they hesitated, asked me all kinds of questions and delayed an answer. That amazed me, too! I couldn’t believe it but it taught me a lesson:

The kind of friendship you really have with someone will be revealed when it is tested by trials and challenges during the life of the friendship. Where you stand in that person’s life is indicative of how they respond to you when you really need them to come through for you. Granted, there are variables but you will know who you are really dealing with in those moments so pay attention. As well, I like the fact (and this has been proven in my own life) that God always has a ram in the bush to meet your need as you trust Him to bring you out of your situation. So, when people act like they are your ‘only saving grace’, that is not true.

Miracles do happen and thank God for true friends who have your back no matter what you go through. So, yep! I will take you to the George Bush Intercontinental crazy, big airport because when I had no place to go for a few days, you took me in. I will always have this sister’s back because she showed me love and she didn’t have to. This truly was a test of friendship.

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Say Hello to Your Good

I have been through a lot in my 40+ years of age. I have experienced a lot of pain, a lot of anguish, a lot of lies, a lot of distrustful women/men, a lot of wasted time, a lot of wasted tears, a lot of wasted money, etc. Shall I go on? I have been able to glean from it all. Sometimes we can allow the bad things that happen to us get us down, make us to feel depressed, hopeless, sad and defeated and sometimes people say bad things to break us, do us wrong, take advantage of us, crush us and cause us to feel less than or not good enough by saying, “I DON’T WANT YOU!”.  The truth is WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

I have something to say to ALL the BAD STUFF and the infamous I DON’T WANT YOUs and YOU can declare this for your life, as well:

I DECLARE to all of the BAD THINGS and all of the I DON’T WANT YOUs that have been told to me in an attempt to bring me down and has not added progression to my life, I would like to proudly say that, “I don’t want you, either, I don’t need you, either!”. You have been no good to my life; nothing but experiences to try and destroy the life I am building. YOU will not succeed over me! I am a child of GOD, I am covered in his blood, I am protected and I will always succeed! I will never be defeated, not even by those repeated and demeaning words in my head that you said just to try and hold me back because I have learned the lesson from this even in YOUR attempt to defeat me and crush me. I WILL NOT LOSE! 

So, instead of allowing those words to continuously be thrown at me in my lifetime, I now say BACK to you, “I DON’T WANT YOU” in my life. THOSE WORDS CAN GO! Get out of my life. I have had it with you coming around, taking up space and leaving me empty. I have had it with you complaining and whining about the misery of life. I am sick of you whispering in my ear that situations are hopeless. I will not let you pull me down anymore. All the bad, inconsequential, nonsense, ridiculousness, outrageous, mean, uncaring, thoughtless and meaningless things are NOW no longer relevant to me. YOU no longer have POWER over me, NOT your WORDS or ACTIONS.

 To ALL the BAD STUFF, I have RISEN from the ashes of the pain that you have caused me in my life and I say, unequivocally and without a doubt that I DON’T WANT YOUR BAD KIND, ANYMORE! You have to go, GET OUT OF MY LIFE. I will not let you continue to bring me down and cause me to feel like I am less than and not good enough. I don’t need the negative energy YOU BRING to my life. YOU are always trying to DRAIN my life from living the very best. I DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE!  I don’t need the SORRY and the BLAME that your BAD STUFF bring when you come around. I don’t want you to come around anymore!   Leave me alone, don’t come knocking on my door, do not bother me, don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t come see me.  To ALL the BAD STUFF, You tried your best to tear me down, to break me down, to crush my spirit, to stump on my heart, to knock me down a peg, to take away my joy and to steal my peace. YOU TRIED and you HAVE FAILED. I WILL NOT LOSE, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!  YOU HAVE NOT WON!  I HAVE WON!  I am STILL STANDING! I am standing tall, strong, bold and confident and that I WILL REMAIN!


I NOW open my arms to RECEIVE ALL of the GOOD that has been waiting on me, ALL the good that stood at the door and knocked but I would not let them in because the BAD was there. I open my arms wide to receive the beautiful gifts of LOVE, KINDNESS, FAITHFULNESS, PATIENCE, THOUGHTFULNESS and JOY.

I walk into the beauty of my life without the BAD and I say, without hesitation, HELLO GOOD and WELCOME TO MY LIFE!

Share Your Story:  Have you said goodbye to the bad and welcomed the good?

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Kwanzaa: Celebrating the Good

Happy Kwanzaa!  I enjoy this time of year – Celebrating Kwanzaa!

You have the power of leadership. You have the power to create and celebrate the good in this world. Never forget how awesome you are and how much you can offer this world.

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Maulana Karenga’s annual message. I share this excerpt to provide education and inspiration but that you would also be moved in your heart to embrace the principles and implement them in your life and business.

The beautiful thing about Kwanzaa is that while it is speaking to African Americans; Dr. Karenga’s message is kindly inclusive of all people and the world. 

“Embracing the Principles and Practice of Kwanzaa: Creating and Celebrating the Good”

The Seven Principles, the Nguzo Saba, prove their enduring and daily relevance in the life we live, the work we do, and the struggle we wage on every front to expand the realm of freedom and justice, peace, security, well-being and other goods in the world. Umoja (Unity) teaches us the oneness of our people, the common ground of our humanity, the interrelatedness of life and the indispensability of family and community in our righteous togetherness in love, work and struggle.

In a world where there are ongoing invasions, bombing, occupations and other mass assaults on vulnerable peoples and lands, and there are outrageous denials of the rights to freedom and independence, the principle of Kujichagulia (Self-determination) reaffirms our right and everyone’s right to control our destiny and daily lives, and build the good communities, societies and future we conceive, aspire to and struggle to bring into being.

In a world where degraded forms of individualism claim the day and people are taught conflict over cooperation and rush ruthlessly ahead at the expense of others, Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) teaches us that we come into being, thrive and flourish in needed and principled relationships. And it teaches us that it is together that we must conceive and construct the good communities, societies and world we all want and deserve.

In a world where corporate pillage and plunder of the wealth of the world and alliances with invading and occupying armies are understood as normal and necessary by citizen beneficiaries, and where silence in the face of slaughter and suffering is justified for “reasons” of the false right to be secure in that brutal robbery and repressive rule, the principle of Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) teaches the value and practice of shared work and shared wealth, the right of people to their own re-sources and the ethical imperative of a just and equitable sharing of the good of the world.

In a world where evil and injustice flourish and the poor and vulnerable are held in contempt by the rich and powerful and by the wannabe’s that worship and follow them, the principle of Nia (Purpose) reminds us of the ancient ethical teaching in the Odu Ifa that we and all humans are divinely chosen to bring good in the world and that this is the fundamental mission and meaning, i.e., purpose, of human life.

In a world in which worldwide destruction is digitized and brutally imposed on the world, and the police and vigilante taking of Black lives has become almost epidemic, and where countries and whole peoples are devastated, and the environment laid waste with wanton disregard and distain, the principle of Kuumba (Creativity) urges us to practice the ethical teachings of The Husia that put forth the concept of serudj ta, the moral obligation to heal, repair and transform the world making it more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Finally, In a world where faith is funded, religion is racialized and used to indict and discredit whole peoples and their faith, and God is given the blasphemous and sacrilegious role of co-signing oppression, land and resource robbery and claims of racial and religious supremacy, the principle of Imani (Faith) teaches us to hold tightly and firmly to the faith of our ancestors who taught us to respect each person, people and culture as a unique and equally valid and valuable way of being human in the world.

These are great principles to implement in daily life and in business. Kwanzaa is celebrated December 26 – January 1. Read Dr. Karenga’s full message here.

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