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You are a Creator of Your Life

You must surround yourself with people who appreciate you, love you, encourage you, help you to be the best you can be by speaking honest truth and those who build you up! Unfortunately, everybody is not going to accept you. You have to get past that. You must understand that.

Don’t you dare let someone else’s un-appreciation or non-acceptance of you be a point of depression or cause you to feel ‘less than’. Don’t give them that kind of power over your life! You must encourage yourself!

Stop being so dependent on other people for your value! If someone does not appreciate you, it is not your problem. Don’t let that stop you from giving your best. Don’t let that stop you from living your life. Don’t let that victimize you.

You are not a victim of your life; you are the creator of your life.

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, a Certified Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, Certified International Entrepreneur Coach, Business Strategist, Author and Speaker. I am passionate about helping men and women understand their unique advantage, embrace their personal power with clarity and navigate through life using effective strategies for their unique success. Feel free to email to or connect to @frenettatate on social media.

You Can not Give what You Do not Have

You can’t love another human being unless you love and accept yourself. You cannot give what you don’t have. Your self-worth is very important. I am not referring to glorious vanity or your thinking more highly of yourself that you ought. I am referring to the mentality of accepting yourself wholly and without prejudice. It is a treasure and a delight when I meet someone who knows their own worth. When you are aware of who you really are (not who others think you are), you refuse to accept anything less than what you are worth. When I talk about ‘worth’ here, I am referring to your value. Surely, you are priceless.

There is no amount of money that can equal to your existence. There is no amount of money that can be paid to cover your presence. But value, in this case, has to do with how you feel about yourself, treat yourself and what thoughts you think towards yourself.

When you value yourself, others will follow suit in like manner. Many people stay in relationships that are unhealthy because they believe that their own worth is tied to another person. Believe me when I say that your worth is not engulfed within another person. If you are in this type of relationship, Get Out Now! And decide that you are worth it. You deserve to be in a healthy, loving relationship. Other people can help, teach, encourage and empower us but no one can place a measure of value upon you except you-alone. You must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy! Say it with me: “I am Worthy of Love”

Though the world can be an unloving place, we all, in spite of what we show forth to others, we all have the capacity to love. Love is universal. Any person can recognize love with their heart. It may take longer for some people to recognize love because hurt has blocked them but given the chance, they will. Some people need more love and therefore, more patience to deal with. When you meet someone who seems the most unloving – they are the ones who really need it. They need something to penetrate the wall of hurt. The only power that can penetrate is a power called love, often nothing else. So, I urge you to be an action figure, a shero or hero, called Love!

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, a Certified Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, Certified International Entrepreneur Coach, Business Strategist, Author and Speaker. I am passionate about helping men and women understand their unique advantage, embrace their personal power with clarity and navigate through life using effective strategies for their unique success. Feel free to email to or connect to @frenettatate on social media.

Own Yourself

Own YourselfMany women entrepreneurs(WE) are copy cats! They mimic another person’s style, talk, catch phrases, words and moves. WE do themselves the greatest disservice because they are denying the beauty of who they are and attaching themselves to someone else instead of standing in their own rights, power and authority. What they don’t realize is it will not work or fit right because they are out of character. They must get back into character and integrity. It is like trying on a suit two sizes too big or too small and expect it to look like it fits. It is a façade. I know. I have been in the position of not standing in my own greatness but I am not there anymore and I don’t want any WE to be there either.

It is time to own who you are. Use and embrace your own gifts, talents and abilities. I emphatically believe that each person has been endowed with gifts and graces that give them the right and responsibility to operate in them to the fullest capability and divine flow. You can’t do this if you don’t own who you are. first and foremost. How do you own yourself?

Accept what is. Be in acceptance and non-resistance mode when it comes to yourself. Accept who you are mentally and emotionally and where you are physically. Accept all pieces of you. Resist nothing. If there is something you don’t like, then begin creating a new reality for yourself and move forward from being stuck and stressed about it.

Ignore what is. I know this reads a bit strange but no longer give energy to anything that is not the way you want it to be. Ignore what is so that you can be better than you are. Acknowledge where you are and then move forward.  Don’t pitch your tent in a place where you can’t get the best hold for your stake. If ‘what is’ is not where you desire to be then stop being there. Ignore it and start creating your new life with new beliefs and an expectation of new and greater experiences.

Give energy in the right direction. Stop sending your energy to the place of desolation. Send and vibrate in the place where growth, passion and purpose is evident. Vibrating to a false narrative will not get you the results that you truly desire.

Be the WE you were created to be, in your own space, style, talk, walk , gifts, graces, talents, skills and physical manifestation. The world is waiting for you – not an imitation of someone else in you. It is time to rise up, understand what is holding you back and walk boldly in the direction of what you truly want for your life.

Women Entrepreneurs hire Frenetta to discover and understand the impacts of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends in their business because most entrepreneurs lack knowledge about their existence and affects so I help them to come to a place of clarity and focus about their business goals and apply unique and purposeful strategies for perpetual growth and success. Bottom line, I help them use SWOTT elements to their unique advantage and position themselves to make powerful, forward-moving decisions about their business. Learn more about Frenetta at

Say Hello to Your Good

I have been through a lot in my 40+ years of age. I have experienced a lot of pain, a lot of anguish, a lot of lies, a lot of distrustful women/men, a lot of wasted time, a lot of wasted tears, a lot of wasted money, etc. Shall I go on? I have been able to glean from it all. Sometimes we can allow the bad things that happen to us get us down, make us to feel depressed, hopeless, sad and defeated and sometimes people say bad things to break us, do us wrong, take advantage of us, crush us and cause us to feel less than or not good enough by saying, “I DON’T WANT YOU!”.  The truth is WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

I have something to say to ALL the BAD STUFF and the infamous I DON’T WANT YOUs and YOU can declare this for your life, as well:

I DECLARE to all of the BAD THINGS and all of the I DON’T WANT YOUs that have been told to me in an attempt to bring me down and has not added progression to my life, I would like to proudly say that, “I don’t want you, either, I don’t need you, either!”. You have been no good to my life; nothing but experiences to try and destroy the life I am building. YOU will not succeed over me! I am a child of GOD, I am covered in his blood, I am protected and I will always succeed! I will never be defeated, not even by those repeated and demeaning words in my head that you said just to try and hold me back because I have learned the lesson from this even in YOUR attempt to defeat me and crush me. I WILL NOT LOSE! 

So, instead of allowing those words to continuously be thrown at me in my lifetime, I now say BACK to you, “I DON’T WANT YOU” in my life. THOSE WORDS CAN GO! Get out of my life. I have had it with you coming around, taking up space and leaving me empty. I have had it with you complaining and whining about the misery of life. I am sick of you whispering in my ear that situations are hopeless. I will not let you pull me down anymore. All the bad, inconsequential, nonsense, ridiculousness, outrageous, mean, uncaring, thoughtless and meaningless things are NOW no longer relevant to me. YOU no longer have POWER over me, NOT your WORDS or ACTIONS.

 To ALL the BAD STUFF, I have RISEN from the ashes of the pain that you have caused me in my life and I say, unequivocally and without a doubt that I DON’T WANT YOUR BAD KIND, ANYMORE! You have to go, GET OUT OF MY LIFE. I will not let you continue to bring me down and cause me to feel like I am less than and not good enough. I don’t need the negative energy YOU BRING to my life. YOU are always trying to DRAIN my life from living the very best. I DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE!  I don’t need the SORRY and the BLAME that your BAD STUFF bring when you come around. I don’t want you to come around anymore!   Leave me alone, don’t come knocking on my door, do not bother me, don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t come see me.  To ALL the BAD STUFF, You tried your best to tear me down, to break me down, to crush my spirit, to stump on my heart, to knock me down a peg, to take away my joy and to steal my peace. YOU TRIED and you HAVE FAILED. I WILL NOT LOSE, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!  YOU HAVE NOT WON!  I HAVE WON!  I am STILL STANDING! I am standing tall, strong, bold and confident and that I WILL REMAIN!


I NOW open my arms to RECEIVE ALL of the GOOD that has been waiting on me, ALL the good that stood at the door and knocked but I would not let them in because the BAD was there. I open my arms wide to receive the beautiful gifts of LOVE, KINDNESS, FAITHFULNESS, PATIENCE, THOUGHTFULNESS and JOY.

I walk into the beauty of my life without the BAD and I say, without hesitation, HELLO GOOD and WELCOME TO MY LIFE!

Share Your Story:  Have you said goodbye to the bad and welcomed the good?

Frenetta Tate is a Motivational Orator, International Author, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Business Consultant and Partner. Learn more at

Put Good Out Into Universe

Sometimes it takes a minute for people to truly see a blessing. Often, they have to be reminded when it gets cloudy. Sometimes it needs to be highlighted to them when they are off the mark and sometimes it is just not crystal clear until it is gone. The hole it creates can be unbearable but when the blessing returns – they know how to treat it. We are human. That is why we need each other – to remind us of our beauty, our value and our blessings. That is why we need the Holy Spirit – to reveal to us that which we do not know. If we knew the depth of things, we wouldn’t need growth. If we knew everything right now, we wouldn’t need to “experience” life. The fact is most often than not, ‘we know not what we are doing’ even when we think we know what is best but we try based on what we think we know. It is humbling how much grace is extended to you and I at each second.

  • Choose not to boast in someone elses’ misery and misguided life decisions because you were once there.
  • Choose not to rejoice that someone has fallen because you once fell.
  • Choose not to laugh at someone else getting their ‘karma’ because you also are subject to the same.

What happens to others can happen to you. The difference is Grace. Feel the blessing of it not happening to you and the opportunity you have to pray and wish someone well in their life.

Put good out into the universe with your words, thoughts, actions, agendas and intents. Be good. Only you know your intentions and the thoughts you are thinking. You judge yourself. I think if more of us looked within – we’d probably be very quiet and far more conscious about what we put out into the world.

Frenetta Tate is a Motivational Orator, International Author, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Business Consultant and Partner. Learn more at