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Eradicating the Root of Negativity

While there may have been many negative seeds (words) planted (spoken) into your life (by others) that have seemingly grown into big mighty oak trees; suffocating the positive seeds; thwarting your good works; attacking and fortifying strongholds in your mind; controlling your actions and overall, acting as barriers to you moving forward in your purpose.
I stopped by to tell you that God put it in the minds of men to design a vehicle and equip it with the power to uproot a mighty oak tree. If God can do that for an oak tree, then surely His word can provide the supernatural power you need to uproot and overcome every negative word that’s been spoken into your life.
Don’t allow someone’s unfavorable words keep you from your unique purpose.  Let the negative seeds fall into the abyss while you rise up and fulfill your purpose. 
If negative words have taken root in you; I want to share how you can eradicate it from your life. You see, you just can’t say a few things, jump up and turn around and run around the block for your change. You have to put in work for your transformation to be realized. Here are four steps to breaking the power of negative words spoken over you: 
1. Don’t receive them as your truth. Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true! 
2. Break any agreement you made with those words.  Now is the time to disagree with those words – to say they are lies and not true for you.
3. Stand guard and be alert so that once something negative to spoken to you or over you; you can address it immediately so it will not go any further into your heart.
4. You can be your biggest critic so, be careful what you say to yourself. Remember that words have no sense of humor – they simply go do what they were created to do. 
5. Don’t give all your power and attention to negativity. Ignoring it sets you up for more peace. 
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It Is All About Timing

There are certain people who are just destined to touch you at the point where your ‘readiness’ resides. It is not everyone you meet but certain people you encounter will have that ‘thing’ about them that inspires you to the point of movement. This does not happen to me very often at all but when it does – I am all ears and I am ready to act. Never be offended that you were not the one that a person listened to yet be happy that they finally got the message and have begun walking towards their destiny. At the time you told them; they were not ready. It is about timing.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is about timing. When YOU are ready, YOU will move. It is all about YOUR READINESS! Nobody else can ‘make you ready’ and that is just the plain truth. It comes from within you and when you are – you will do what you gotta do. You will do what it takes to follow and pursue your dream so no matter how much motivation you get from external sources; it is really on YOU.

Even though others around you may be moving forward and doing certain things, seemingly out ahead of you – Remember that there is also an appointed time for you and when that time comes; you will be ready and when you are ready – You will move, you will make the decisions you need to make, you will do what you have to do, you will be that student ready to be taught. Again, it is all about timing.


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Get Some Balance

It is important to have balance. If you are a giver; you’ve got to learn how to receive.

Your choosing not to receive does not make you a better giver.

Whether it is tangible or intangible; words of blessing spoken or gifts given. I encourage you to receive when others have it on their hearts to bless your life. God rewards givers in His own way and in various forms. The other side of this is to give not expecting to receive. Give from the heart and be done with it. If someone wants to bless you, allow them to bless you. They are simply being obedient to what God may have placed on their hearts.

Don’t wave away kindness.  Let people BE KIND.

Your not accepting a kindness does not make you more humble.

When someone chooses to be kind, it is God’s grace. Everyone is not kind, everyone don’t give and everyone don’t love so when any of these things occur – it is a grace of God moment. Be blessed and receive God’s love.

If you are a giver; learn how to receive from people and if you are always taking, learn how to give to people. Get some balance when it comes to giving and receiving. If you are giving beyond the level you feel comfortable then you need to evaluate your giving. Especially in relationships with others. Giving should be guilt-free and not make you feel bad. Also notice the takers in your life. No one should position themselves to allow the takers to just take. There are those in the world.

So, allow people to be kind to you and be receptive to the love of God poured out to you in various ways and through others.


Frenetta Tate is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, Event Strategy Consultant and President of EmpowerMe365™. Learn more at

It No Longer Had Power Over Me

I ran from all Math classes throughout high school because I failed it, didn’t understand it and didn’t want to try and fail again. I was forced to take it in College. Every time College Algebra I and II came up on my list of courses, I would push it back until they were the last courses that I had to take in order to get my Bachelor’s degree. The last courses. So, I told my Academic Counselor (AC), ” I am not taking those courses. I just give up. I will fail them. I just won’t get my degree! I am done.” She tried her best to encourage me but my mind was made up. So, I talk to a friend who said, “Are you crazy? You letting some Algebra class keep you from getting your degree? That’s just stupid, Frenetta! You need to step up” I was appalled. How dare my friend talk to me like that!

So, I thought it over and I called my AC and said these words, ” Okay. I will take these classes but if I am going to succeed; I need the TOP Algebra Facilitator you have at this Campus! I need to be able to understand them. I need someone who has received good reviews from other students. Make that happen.” My AC said, “Okay but I can’t make those decisions” (but her tone was like, “Um, the audacity of you to make demands. This is about you. You the one that need the class!”) So, I get my schedule. I immediately start preparing. I buy books, study guides, highlighters, post it notes, special notebooks to record examples of concepts.

Oh, I was ready to FIGHT to understand this Algebra because even though my AC did not say it. I got the lesson. It was up to ME to make it happen! No matter what kind of facilitator I had – it was on ME. Period. So, I started preparing by getting my mind right. I had to stop having that failure mentality!  First day of class, my facilitator is none other than Ms. Pamela Campbell!  She took her time, she explained it plainly, she gave me hope,  she helped me HELP MYSELF. But she was Unrelenting! She was dedicated! She inspired me. I was WINNING!

Every weekend, I was in tutorials, every tutorial class they had, I was in it. Towards the end, I was in tutorials helping others. Then, she kept calling me to the board and guess what? I was willing to go because I CHANGED MY MIND about Algebra. I was no longer running so it no longer had the power over me. I had the power over it. I graduated and guess who was one of the TOP Facilitators of the Year – None other than PAMELA CAMPBELL!  As I left the stage from doing my commencement speech; she was awarded! I realized that I asked for the TOP and God sent the TOP. God hears and answers even our smallest prayers.  People come into our lives in answer to a prayer, a thought or even an expression; we just have to, what I call, “connect the confirmations”. We will see how much God shows His love, care and mercy through others and know that you CAN do anything you set your mind to do but FIRST, you must ‘set your mind’ and then take the necessary action for your success!

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Jumpstart 2014! – Have a Life Worth Living – Teleseminar

2014 is fast approaching. By the time you get this, we will have 50 days to go until the end of this year. I share this with you not to stress you but to encourage you to get a JUMPSTART on the new year. Don’t let it catch you off guard and put you in a place of anxiety because you did not get things done before the new year. Not only this but life is far better when you know where you are going, have set goals and plans in place and have life strategies that are long-lived rather than short-lived.

We set short-lived goals because we feel that we have to for the new year. We often get the question, “What is your new year’s resolution?” and we feel that we need to give an answer but I want to encourage you to not give an answer that would be short-lived but well-thought, well-planned, with goals, objectives, plans and strategies.

This is the foundation of my upcoming, “JumpStart 2014 – The Life Worth Living” Teleseminar.

I want to personally invite you and your friends to consider registering for this teleseminar. You can attend from the comfort of your own home and as an end of the year special; it is $59.00 to register. It will be on December 8,2013 at 4:10pm.

You have a life worth living no matter what you face, no matter what has happened in your life; even if you think you have messed up or you can’t be redeemed. YOU CAN. I believe 2014 can be your best year but you must have strategies, plans, goals and objectives in place in order for you to be successful. You cannot just have a “Happy New Year”, you must make it happen through your actions and even, a renewal of your mind. That is what this Tele-seminar is all about. As an END OF THE YEAR Special, I am offering this course for just $59.00 ($299 value)

2nd Annual Jumpstart 2014
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Get a jumpstart on the New Year by INVESTING in your MIND with this Tele-Seminar, especially designed for the ACTION-ORIENTED ENTREPRENEUR and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT SEEKER!

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Topics that will be covered are:

  1. Get clarity on your main life struggles
  2. Get 5 key insights on how to master your mind.
  3. Understand the 5 blocks that may be hindering your progress
  4. Get 3 strategies to uncover and conquer your fears
  5. Learn top 5 positive actions to take right now!
  6. Learn how to effectively self-assess and employ observations for life success
  7. Learn 10 Personal Empowerment Strategies

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Frenetta Tate is an International Best Selling Author of “Hot Mama in High Heels”, Certified Empowerment Coach and Motivational Speaker. Visit to learn more about her services and products.