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Pull Up the Weeds

I have been extremely busy and have not been paying attention to my flower bed. Yesterday, I noticed the weeds had gotten out of control! I had to take action!
Even though I was tired, I put on my boots and got in there and pulled up those weeds! I found that some of those weeds were wrapped around the base of the good shrubs and plants; choking them. I thought, “Oh, no you don’t, get outta here!”
I enjoy pulling up weeds! It is symbolic of getting the stuff out of my life that is hindering, dead, stagnant and dull.  When you pull up the weeds in your life, you are giving opportunity for the good things in your life to flourish.
Put on your ‘weed pulling’ boots, get in deep into your life and uproot those weeds, those habits and situations that are lifelessly lingering in your life, causing problems, stunting your growth and choking the good things in your life.

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Pruning Your Life


As I was pruning my plants, I noticed a few things. Some dead leaves were still holding on. Some dying leaves fell upon touch while others remained and an abundance of new leaves had already formed.

  1. There are some things in life that are dead, yet hanging on, staying around, stored up and taking up space.
  2. There are some things in life that have lost its purpose,  passion and direction.
  3. In the midst of this, an abundance of new leaves are forming, manifesting and springing up.

Good loving care and attention can bring back the remnant of dying leaves (purpose can be sparked, passion can be ignited and direction can be found). The dead leaves must be removed (to create more space and make room for the new) and fully embracing the new leaves is like opening your arms to receive all of the new and wonderful things coming into your life.

Needless to say, I left the hope-filled remnant of dying leaves, removed and trashed the dead leaves/plants and I fully embrace the new and wonderful that is forming, manifesting and springing up in my life. May this be true for you.

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