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Pull Up the Weeds

I have been extremely busy and have not been paying attention to my flower bed. Yesterday, I noticed the weeds had gotten out of control! I had to take action!
Even though I was tired, I put on my boots and got in there and pulled up those weeds! I found that some of those weeds were wrapped around the base of the good shrubs and plants; choking them. I thought, “Oh, no you don’t, get outta here!”
I enjoy pulling up weeds! It is symbolic of getting the stuff out of my life that is hindering, dead, stagnant and dull.  When you pull up the weeds in your life, you are giving opportunity for the good things in your life to flourish.
Put on your ‘weed pulling’ boots, get in deep into your life and uproot those weeds, those habits and situations that are lifelessly lingering in your life, causing problems, stunting your growth and choking the good things in your life.

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, a Certified Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, Certified International Entrepreneur Coach, Business Strategist, Author and Speaker. I am passionate about helping men and women understand their unique advantage, embrace their personal power with clarity and navigate through life using effective strategies for their unique success. Feel free to email to frenetta@frenettatate.com or connect to @frenettatate on social media.

Don’t say anything at all

Strongly consider the effects of your speaking death or misfortune over someone else’s life. We are all connected. When you do it to others, you are doing it to yourself. I wonder if the tables were turned and it was done to you, in your face, repeatedly, day after day. I don’t think you would like it at all. Consider the other person is just as human as you are, flaws, faults, frailties and mistakes. If you knew the power of your words (whether in jest or not), you would be far more careful about what you say about yourself and others. Consider your words carefully before you speak them, over your own life and anyone else’s. Think. It is not cool or dope to do it. Choose not to encourage or engage it in conversations with others. You will feel better having restrained yourself. I encourage you to adopt this very simple task: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Speak positively about yourself and others. If you don’t want it to come true for you, don’t say it.

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, a Certified Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, Certified International Entrepreneur Coach, Business Strategist, Author and Speaker. I am passionate about helping Entrepreneurs understand their unique advantage, embrace their personal power with clarity and develop a unique business strategy for their business growth and sustainability. email to frenetta@frenettatate.com or connect to @frenettatate on social media.


Put Good Out Into Universe

Sometimes it takes a minute for people to truly see a blessing. Often, they have to be reminded when it gets cloudy. Sometimes it needs to be highlighted to them when they are off the mark and sometimes it is just not crystal clear until it is gone. The hole it creates can be unbearable but when the blessing returns – they know how to treat it. We are human. That is why we need each other – to remind us of our beauty, our value and our blessings. That is why we need the Holy Spirit – to reveal to us that which we do not know. If we knew the depth of things, we wouldn’t need growth. If we knew everything right now, we wouldn’t need to “experience” life. The fact is most often than not, ‘we know not what we are doing’ even when we think we know what is best but we try based on what we think we know. It is humbling how much grace is extended to you and I at each second.

  • Choose not to boast in someone elses’ misery and misguided life decisions because you were once there.
  • Choose not to rejoice that someone has fallen because you once fell.
  • Choose not to laugh at someone else getting their ‘karma’ because you also are subject to the same.

What happens to others can happen to you. The difference is Grace. Feel the blessing of it not happening to you and the opportunity you have to pray and wish someone well in their life.

Put good out into the universe with your words, thoughts, actions, agendas and intents. Be good. Only you know your intentions and the thoughts you are thinking. You judge yourself. I think if more of us looked within – we’d probably be very quiet and far more conscious about what we put out into the world.

Frenetta Tate is a Motivational Orator, International Author, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Business Consultant and Partner. Learn more at http://www.frenettatate.com

We Cannot Do Anything About This World

Many of us separate ourselves and wonder why we are being treated separately; divide ourselves and then complain about being on the side of the very dividing line that we’ve created. We do well to look at how we, individually and collectively, are creating divisiveness through our words, actions and traditions.

Each person contributes to the betterment or destruction of any relationship, whether intended or not, whether directly or indirectly, whether consciously or subconsciously.

We can’t do anything about the world until we do something about ourselves. Changing the world truly begins with changing ourselves and changing ourselves truly begins with looking at ourselves through an objective lens with a commitment to remove that which does not build and edify.


Frenetta Tate is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, Event Strategy Consultant and President of EmpowerMe365™. Learn more at http://www.frenettatate.com

Empower Tip Tuesday – 11/19/2013 – Hecklers

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