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You Can not Give what You Do not Have

You can’t love another human being unless you love and accept yourself. You cannot give what you don’t have. Your self-worth is very important. I am not referring to glorious vanity or your thinking more highly of yourself that you ought. I am referring to the mentality of accepting yourself wholly and without prejudice. It is a treasure and a delight when I meet someone who knows their own worth. When you are aware of who you really are (not who others think you are), you refuse to accept anything less than what you are worth. When I talk about ‘worth’ here, I am referring to your value. Surely, you are priceless.

There is no amount of money that can equal to your existence. There is no amount of money that can be paid to cover your presence. But value, in this case, has to do with how you feel about yourself, treat yourself and what thoughts you think towards yourself.

When you value yourself, others will follow suit in like manner. Many people stay in relationships that are unhealthy because they believe that their own worth is tied to another person. Believe me when I say that your worth is not engulfed within another person. If you are in this type of relationship, Get Out Now! And decide that you are worth it. You deserve to be in a healthy, loving relationship. Other people can help, teach, encourage and empower us but no one can place a measure of value upon you except you-alone. You must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy! Say it with me: “I am Worthy of Love”

Though the world can be an unloving place, we all, in spite of what we show forth to others, we all have the capacity to love. Love is universal. Any person can recognize love with their heart. It may take longer for some people to recognize love because hurt has blocked them but given the chance, they will. Some people need more love and therefore, more patience to deal with. When you meet someone who seems the most unloving – they are the ones who really need it. They need something to penetrate the wall of hurt. The only power that can penetrate is a power called love, often nothing else. So, I urge you to be an action figure, a shero or hero, called Love!

Frenetta Tate is CEO of Frenetta Tate International, a Certified Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, Certified International Entrepreneur Coach, Business Strategist, Author and Speaker. I am passionate about helping men and women understand their unique advantage, embrace their personal power with clarity and navigate through life using effective strategies for their unique success. Feel free to email to frenetta@frenettatate.com or connect to @frenettatate on social media.

Just Be Willing

Willingness opens the door to miracles and opportunities. Through willingness; relationships can be restored, communication can begin, hearts can be mended and love has a chance to transform lives. Through a willingness to seek understanding; clarity is near. Don’t make a bunch of promises; just be willing and allow yourself to experience the good of what your willing heart will bring to you.

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Kryptonite Can’t Stop Me

Take seven dominoes and stand them up vertically, put one behind the other and continue. After you’ve set them up in this fashion,  tip one domino over in the direction of the other dominoes and see what happens. If you did this; you just saw an effect, often known as “The Domino Effect – A cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events” Notice when one domino fell on the other and the event continued until they all fell.

Imagine the one domino that was tipped over is “Love” and that Love affected all the other dominoes. So it is with us. Love starts with one person. The love of that one person can affect a whole nation of people. Never stop loving because someone is waiting on that love domino to fall on them. They are waiting for your “tip”. Love is a tremendous gift that we all need. Be an action figure called LOVE. Use your powers for good everyday. Let nothing stop you from operating in love. LOVE ACTIVATE!

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YOU were made for Greater Things!

It is totally up to you but you can choose to shake that dust off and step up or remain on the sidewalk of life watching it pass you by. The dust represents whatever is holding you back from being your optimal best; keeping you from stepping up to the plate; keeping you from rising to the occasion and keeping you from doing what you know is right to do. I implore you to shake off that fear, doubt, worry, can’ts and complacency.

You were made for greater things!

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The More Than Enough Woman Gift Book

The More Than Enough Woman – A Woman’s Motivational Declaration is a collection of affirmations for Women. I wrote this book because I grew tired of seeing disparaging images of women in picture and word. I was saddened by hearing women speak lowly of themselves,  Not feeling good about themselves,  feeling unappreciated and taking on a negative persona. I wanted to speak DIFFERENTLY.  I wanted to speak LIFE! I wanted to give ENCOURAGEMENT!  I desire for women to read this book of affirmation and get encouraged, feel energized and have the empowerment that they are MORE THAN ENOUGH! This is for all women who are ready to stand in their power, affirm their unique intellect and embrace their beauty. 

You can purchase the book in paperback or hardback. It is a great gift for young ladies and women.  Here is the link: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3405186